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Your initial estimated home value from above: 25.

Aspire’s share cannot exceed a maximum return of 18% (annualized, compounding monthly), and if you terminate the agreement within three years of the original closing date, Aspire’s investment return will not exceed 12%

(1) Includes original amount accessed

Aspire’s gain or loss reflects Aspire’s share of your property’s change in value from a risk-adjusted “Starting Property Value” established at the beginning of your agreement (equal to appraised value minus 15%). Aspire’s share is based on the amount of home equity you access at the beginning of the agreement, i.e., the size of your Initial Cash Payment. Aspire’s share % increases over time during the agreement, and it is calculated as follows: Aspire multiplies your Initial Cash Payment (reflected as a percentage of your home’s appraised value) by the “Investor Multiple.” The Investor Multiple varies depending on when your HEI terminates—the multiple starts at 3.0 for agreements that terminate in Years 1, 2, or 3, increases to 3.75 for agreements that terminate in Years 4 or 5, and increases to a maximum of 4.50 for agreements that terminate during or after Year 6. Let’s take an example: if your Initial Cash Payment equals 10% of your home’s appraised value at the beginning of the agreement, and the agreement terminates in Year 5, Aspire’s share % would be 37.5% (10% x 3.75). At termination, Aspire calculates your agreement’s settlement price by applying Aspire’s share % to your home’s change in value, using the risk-adjusted Starting Property Value mentioned above.

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