Our mission

Aspire was created to provide homeowners with a better and more efficient way to access their home equity.

An Aspire Home Equity Investment, or “HEI”, provides homeowners with a lump-sum cash payment in exchange for a share in the future change in value of their home. An HEI is an investment, not a loan. There are no monthly payments, interest, or debt – our return depends on the future value of the property.

Part of a larger mission

Aspire is a division of Redwood Trust, Inc. (“Redwood”), a leading specialty finance company focused on several distinct areas of housing credit. Redwood has been expanding access to quality housing, whether rented or owned, since 1994.

We’re proud of the number of families who have been able to purchase or rent quality homes – with a sense of well-being and security – because Redwood has been there.

Enabling the home ownership dream

We never forget that the support we provide to the housing market adds to the lifeblood of our nation. The financing we provide makes a positive impact, not just on the American economy but also on the lives and dreams of the families we serve. Our technology enabled solutions allow us to serve more consumers at scale and represent the future of housing finance.

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